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Broadway Comedy Club Workshop & Show

This Sunday, the teenz went to the Broadway Comedy Club. We met at our usual place where all the teenz were happy to see each other and engaged in friendly discussions about how excited they are to go to this comedy club. After sharing our excitement and curiosities we explored possible routes to the comedy club. Browsing at our Google Maps the teenz reviewed and decided to walk North to 33rd street, take the 6 train Uptown to 59th street. After that we transferred to the Downtown N train and got off on 57th street. We walked to 53rd street and 8th avenue. When we got to the club, we were greeted and seated. We had an improv class where the teenz were able to express themselves. The teenz established a teamwork connection with each other when playing Zip, Zap, Zop, performing on stage, making different sound effects for the improv performers, playing different scenarios/scenes, and giving ideas for the performers to execute a scene. Throughout some improv scenes, some teens were shy. The group facilitators guided, assisted, and used teamwork to encourage the teenz to get out of their comfort zones and participate. Also, some teenz played a role of comedians. After the improv class, we all ate pizza and watched a comedy show. The teenz were really involved and enjoyed the comedy show and asked to experience it again. On the way to Bread and Butter, the teenz were discussing the show, how much they enjoyed it, and how funny it was. They were very happy that they were able to be a part of the show and show their acting talents.

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