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Halloween Teenz Night: Sugar Factory Fun

This Friday, the teenz went to the famous Sugar Factory restaurant in the Meat Packing District. We met at our go to place which is Bread and Butter. The teenz were happy to see each other and the leaders. They engaged in friendly discussions about their busy school lives. The teenz were very excited to eat at such an iconic restaurant. After sharing excitement and what they might eat there we opened our Google Maps to find the quickest route to the restaurant. We decided to take the number 6 train downtown and get off 14 union square. We then transferred to the L train and got off 14th street. The facilitators encouraged the teenz to look at their Google Maps again and guide the group to the restaurant. When the group got to the restaurant, the group leaders praised all the teenz on their amazing ability to navigate through the streets of the city. As we were seated at the restaurant, each facilitator assisted each teen in budgeting their dinner choice. When the waiter came to take our orders, the facilitators encouraged each teen to order for themselves. During our dinner, the teenz engaged in friendly conversations about school, art, makeup, school clubs, and video games. When it was time to pay the bill each facilitator helped each teen figure out their amount and determine the appropriate tip. Each teen opened up their Tip Calculator and together with a group leader, they calculated how much they should pay for their dinner. Overall, this outing was amazing and delicious.

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