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Halloween Festivities: Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant

This Sunday, our outing was to the World-Famous Haunted restaurant called Jekyll and Hyde. Our teenz met up at our legendary spot which is Bread and Butter where they engaged in friendly discussions about how excited they were to visit such a famous restaurant. Our teenz also welcomed new and old friends. After checking out their Google Maps, the teenz had many options to get to the restaurant. They decided to walk south to 23rd street and take the 6-train downtown to Broadway Lafayette Street. At Broadway Lafayette station, the teenz were in a challenging situation where they were puzzled about whether to take the F train uptown or downtown to West 4th street. The facilitators assisted and guided the teenz in identifying what route to take. The teenz got refocused and reviewed their Google Maps, where they figured out that we had to take the uptown F train to West 4th street. As we got off, the teenz guided the group to the restaurant. At the restaurant, each facilitator helped each teen budget their meal. In the restaurant the teenz and the facilitators engaged in conversations about music, school, and future plans. We also played word search puzzles and tic tac toe together. When it was time to pay for the meal, each facilitator assisted each teen along with the Tip Calculator App on how much they have to pay. The teenz really enjoyed the interactive Halloween themed restaurant.

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