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Sunday at SPIN Ping Pong

This past Sunday, the Teenz met at their usual meeting spot where they engaged in dialogue with one another while practicing patience since they had to wait to leave at a later time during the day when Spin New York, their venue of the day, would be open. While waiting, Teenz reviewed Spin New York and the Ping Pong activity they would participate in while there. Teenz also discussed Spin New York’s location and identified the route the quickest route to get there. They agreed that the best way to get there was to make a left on Park Avenue South and walk down towards 23rd Street. While at the venue, Teenz had lots of fun as they laughed together while playing with and against each other and taking turns. They also learned new ping pong techniques while practicing their moves. Lastly, Teenz agreed that going to Bravo Pizzeria would be a good way to satisfy their cravings after working up an appetite playing ping pong. They utilized Google Maps once again as a resource to search for directions. Once they arrived at Bravo’s they not only enjoyed their meals, but they enjoyed socializing some more while playing games like “Heads Up” before heading back home.

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