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"I Want Candy"...Candytopia

This past Sunday Teenz met at their usual drop off/pick up location to engage in travel training with Team Leaders while discussing how to get to Candytopia. With the assistance of Team Leaders and technology resources like Google Maps, Teenz decided it was best to walk there since it was so close by.

During the commute, Teenz enjoyed talking about the classes they took versus the classes they will be expected to take soon at school. They also got to enjoy watching part of the Veterans Day Parade as they got to walk past it on their way to Candytopia. When they finally arrived, Teenz enjoyed taking pictures with statues made out of candy. They also enjoyed participating in interactive and visually stimulating activities in different kinds of fun and colorful rooms where they sampled different kinds of free candy along the way. After snapping fun photos, playing and eating candy, Teenz enjoyed eating their lunch in the sitting area towards the end of the Candy Museum. While eating lunch, Teenz utilized their socialization skills by taking turns telling one another what their favorite part of the museum was and by playing games where they had to guess the cost of different items such as a liter of soda. Afterwards, Teenz were encouraged to lead Team Leaders back to their drop off/pick up location byway of walking downtown.

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