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Teenz Night: Benihana

On Friday, the teens destination was to Benihana. The teens met at their usual spot and were very excited about seeing a hibachi show and enjoying the hibachi food. With the assistance from the teen leaders and resources from Google Maps, the teens decided to take the W train to 57th street. When the teens got to the train station, they found out that the W train wasn’t running its usual route. During this time teens stayed calm, relaxed, and showed that they can be flexible during difficult situations. While waiting for the W train to begin to move, the teens communicated with each other and tried to find other possible routes to get to Benihana. They decided to take the R train to 42nd street Times Square and walk the rest of the way. While walking to the restaurant, the teens led the way with their Google Maps. When we got to the restaurant, we were an hour late. This meant that the teens had to again be flexible, calm, and patient to get seated. The teens had to wait for about 20-30 minutes before they were seated. During the restaurant, the teen leaders assisted each teen with what to order according to their budget. The teens enjoyed the hibachi show and enjoyed engaging in conversation with one another. After they finished their meals, the teen leaders helped each teen use the Tip Calculator to add the appropriate tip to their overall bill. Even though the night had a few setbacks, the teens overall had an amazing time and a delicious meal; in addition to learning to be flexible with unexpected occurrences.

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