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Teenzgiving 2018

This past weekend, Teenz met at their usual drop off/pick up location to engage in travel training with Team Leaders while discussing how to get to Xavier Mission. With the assistance of Team Leaders and technology resources like Google Maps, Teenz decided it was best to walk to East 23rd street to take the downtown 6 train to Union Square.

During the commute, Teenz enjoyed talking about the upcoming holidays and what their plans were for Thanksgiving. When they finally arrived, Teenz enjoyed dressing up with hair nets to then take turns between serving food to the less fortunate and washing their trays. After enjoying the humbling experience of giving back, Teenz utilized their socialization skills by taking turns telling one another what their favorite part of the day was while leading Team Leaders back to their drop off/pick up location by way of walking back to the train station. It was a wonderful outing of giving back to the NYC community before the big Thanksgiving holiday this week!

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