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A Teenz Member Favorite: Dave & Buster's

This Sunday, the teens went to their favorite arcade spot, which is Dave and Busters. We met at our usual meeting spot where the teens discussed how excited they were to go play some arcade games. With the help from the leaders and Google Maps, the teens reviewed their route options. The teens decided to take the 6 train to 42nd street. Upon arriving to the train station, the teens were faced with a dilemma that the number 6 train wasn’t running. They quickly looked and engaged with one another for other possible alternatives. After a short discussion and teamwork, the teens decided to walk to 34th street and take the QM5 bus to Times Square. On the way there, the teens were talking about their favorite games and about having our tradition meal, which is eating pizza and ice cream after Dave and busters. Once we got to Dave and Busters, the teen leaders assisted the teens in purchasing their token cards. The teens were able to budget appropriately leaving money for their lunch. After we finished at Dave and Busters, we went across the street to Pax to have some yummy pizza. At Pax, the teen leaders helped some of the teens pay for their lunch. During lunch, the teens engaged in friendly conversations. After Pax, we made one last stop at Coldstone Creamery to eat some delicious ice cream. After our adventurous day, it was time to head back to our legendary spot. The teens had an amazing time and are looking forward to going their again!

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