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Holiday Market Fun & Pie by the Pound Pizza

This Sunday, our teens met at our usual spot. The teens were very happy to see each and engage in friendly conversations about what they plan to buy at the market. With the help from the teen leaders and Google Maps, the teens decided to take the 6-train downtown to 14th Street Union Square. Once the teens got to the market, the teens were separated into smaller groups. Each group was facilitated by a teen leader and each group went about their way through the market. During our time at the market, teens showed flexibility and patience towards other teens who were browsing and buying gifts. The teen leaders assisted teens in their budgets and their purchases. Overall the teens had an amazing time at the Union Square Market. After the market, the plan was to go to Pie by the Pound. At Pie by the Pound, the teens had the chance to choose from all different kinds of thin-crust pizza. While purchasing their pizzas, the teen leaders helped the teens pay for their meal. Pie by the Pound offers various different games to play while you eat your pizza. While the teens were eating pizza, they engaged in friendly games of Apples to Apples, Jenga, Connect 4, and Uno. The teens enjoyed their Sunday outing and would definitely want to go again.

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