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Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Exhibition

We started out the new year with a trip to the Mickey Mouse Exhibit. The teens met up at their usual meeting spot where they were happy to see each other after a long vacation apart. The teens were also very excited to visit a part of the Disney History. After discussing with each other the possible routes, the teens decided to take the number 6 train downtown to Union Square and transfer to the L train and get off on 14th street. At the museum the teens explored and engaged in different rooms with Mickey Mouse memorabilia. The rooms displayed different mediums of artwork, vintage authentic Mickey Mouse collectibles, and broadcasted different Mickey Mouse cartoons from different eras. Throughout the pop-up, the teens were able to see, compare, and discuss with one another on how Mickey Mouse had changed throughout the years. During the exhibit the teens were also given complimentary ice cream. Overall, the teens had a great time and learned a lot about the legendary Mickey Mouse.

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