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Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man

This Sunday, our teens had a chance to endive in a chocolatey experience. Before going there, the teens met at their legendary spot where they were happy to see each other. They were engaged in each other’s holiday stories. Once all the teens arrived at the legendary spot, it was time to collaborate with each other and decide how they would be getting to Max Brenner’s. The teens decided to take the number 6 train downtown to 14 Union Square. The train ride was very smooth and exciting because the teens were looking forward to eating as much chocolate as they can. When we got to the restaurant and were seated, the leaders assisted the teens with staying within their budget. All the teens enjoyed the food they independently ordered. Throughout our lunch each teen was actively participating in friendly conversation and actively listening to each other. Once it was time to pay, the leaders assisted each teen with their bill payment. After the yummy restaurant, the teens took the number 6 train back uptown to our legendary spot. The teens had some extra time to play a few rounds of the game Heads Up. Overall, the teens had an amazing and yummy trip to the famous chocolate restaurant known as Max Brenner’s.

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