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Supermarket Sweep 2019

Last Sunday, the members had a hunting expedition at the Fairway Supermarket. Before beginning their scavenger hunt mission, we met at out legendary meeting spot. The members were happy to see other and engaged in friendly conversations about who is going to win the scavenger hunt. When all the members arrived, they decided that the fastest way to get there was to walk to the Supermarket. After working together to figure out our route it was time to begin the mission. The members were split into two groups and were given a shopping list. Once they were split, each team had to work together to guess how much each item on their list cost. Each team worked together to guess the amounts. The leaders assisted each team on their total amount cost. Once that was done, we were on our way to the supermarket. We walked uptown to 31st and 2nd Ave. When we arrived at the supermarket, the teams split up and went on their scavenger hunt. This was a great opportunity for teens to work together, socialize, and get familiar with supermarket products and prices. After each team was done, the leaders assisted each team with their total cost. The team with the closest guessed amount to the actual amount won the scavenger hunt. After the scavenger hunt, we went to Pastafina and had lunch. All the teens had an amazing time socializing and working together as a team.

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