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National Geographic Ocean Odyssey

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to dive into an undersea adventure at the National Geographic Ocean Odyssey Exhibit. Our members began their day by first gathering at our meetup spot, where the members discussed how excited they were to visit the exhibit. With the help from the leaders and Google Maps, the members reviewed the route options on how to get to the exhibit. The members decided to take the number 6 train Uptown to Grand Central Station and then take the S shuttle train to 42 street Times Square. Once we were above ground, the members used their Google Maps to lead the way to the exhibit. Throughout the exhibit, the members enjoyed an interactive adventure across the Pacific Ocean, listening to different undersea life, learning new facts about the undersea world, and enjoying innovative technology throughout the exhibit. During the walkthrough, the members engaged in friendly conversations discussing what they liked the most about the exhibit. After the members were finished at the exhibit, they decided to go to Pax for lunch. At Pax, the leaders assisted the members with their lunch purchases. Overall, the members had an amazing time exploring the deep blue sea.

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