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Teenz Night: Chinatown Fun!

Last Friday, the members had the chance to explore Chinatown. Before beginning our journey, the members met at our usual meet up spot. The members were happy to see each other and engage in friendly conversations about their school week. After all the members arrived it was time to take out our Google Maps and work together with each other in figuring out the best route to our destination. Our members decided to take the number 6 train downtown to Canal Street. Once we go to Canal street, the members again took out their Google Maps to lead the group to Joe’s Ginger Restaurant. At the restaurant, the group leaders assisted the members in budgeting their food choices based on how much money the members brought. While waiting for our food patiently, the members engaged in friendly conversations about travelling to different countries, states, their hobbies, things that they want to do, and the professions they want to become. After the members finished eating, the leaders assisted each member on how much money they must pay. After the restaurant, the members decided to get dessert. When the members were finished, we took the number 6 train uptown to our usual meetup spot. Overall, all the members had a great time socializing, enjoying each other’s company, and eating the food.

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