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Meatball Shop Sunday

This past Sunday, the High School group had the chance to enter a world full of meatballs. Before going to the Meatball Shop, the group met at Starbucks and discussed the best travel route to the Meatball Shop on the Upper East Side. Now that the 28th street subway station is finally open, the group was able to leave from there and took the 6 train uptown to 77th street. They used google maps after getting off the subway and their knowledge of N, E, S and W to find the restaurant. When the group arrived at the restaurant, each group member was encouraged to take out their wallets and see how much money they had in order to budget their money. The group estimated how much their meal would cost, while keeping in mind that they had to also set aside money for the tip.

There were so many delicious options, that the group had difficulty deciding what to order. Our orders ranged from breakfast food, ordering meatballs, biscuits and gravy to chicken meatballs and even a meatball hero sandwich. While eating, the group engaged in several get to know you ice breakers, since there was a new member. All of the group members quickly discovered that they had a lot in common and discussed their love of tv, movies and film. While discussing how some of the group members were going to watch Rent live, our waitress shared with us that she loves Rent so much and she saw it on Broadway sixty-four times. Everyone was shocked at how many times she saw Rent. Group members engaged in a conversation with her and asked her many questions about her love for Rent as well as her theater background.

After lunch, the group reviewed how to get back to Bread and Butter and we headed back to Starbucks. Everyone had a wonderful time at Teenz and were so full from their delicious lunch!

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