Ripley's Believe It Or Not & Shake Shack Sunday Funday

This Sunday, our members had the chance to visit the most unbelievable attraction in New York City. It is known as Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Our members began the day by first meeting up at their usual meetup spot where all the members engaged in a friendly conversation about how eager they are to visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not. With the help from the teen leaders and Google Maps, the members discussed what route they should take. The unanimous decision was to take the R train uptown to Times Square- 42nd street. As the members walked throughout and interacted with the museum exhibits, they enjoyed discussing all the unusual, unexpected, and unbelievable things that they were seeing. The museum offered different historic time periods, unusual animals with 2 heads or 4 legs, different artifacts, different abnormal artwork, and a glow in the dark vertigo tunnel. After the museum, the members choice of lunch was Shake Shack. At Shake Shack, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their food on a budget and receiving the proper change back. During lunch, the members chatted with each other about their favorite museum attraction. Once lunch was over, our members had some extra time to spare. They decided to explore a gift shop in the Times Square area. The members also stopped by Aunt Annie’s for pretzels and Coldstone for Ice Cream. The leaders assisted the members that decided to have dessert. When it was time to go back to the meetup spot, the members decided to take a different route. They decided to take the shuttle S train to Grand Central and take the 6-train downtown. Overall, the members had a blast.