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SPIN Ping Pong Fun

Our group enjoyed a fun filled day at SPIN, where they got to practice playing ping pong. Because there were new members present, members were encouraged to engage in a small introduction meeting where each person was asked to share their name, their age, where they go to school and one interest of theirs. After participating in introductions and engaging in small talk conversations with one another, members agreed to look up directions for how to get to SPIN and come up with a group decision regarding how they would get there. After using google maps and Waze, they agreed to walk to SPIN since it was so close by the meeting spot. Upon arriving to SPIN, Teenz grouped up into teams and practiced playing ping pong with one another. While playing, group facilitators encouraged good sportsmanship, positivity and encouragement of one another. The members worked up an appetite after playing and decided to get some lunch that kept within their budgets. Group leaders reinforced the importance of budgeting when considering what type of food they order. After playing ping pong, members walked back to their usual meeting place or independently traveled home on their own.

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