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Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt throughout Grand Central Terminal. In the morning, our members met up at our famous meetup spot. Everyone was engaging in friendly conversations about how excited they were to do another scavenger hunt. With the help from the group leaders and Google Maps, the members decided to take the number 4 train to Grand Central Terminal. Before beginning our scavenger hunt, the members were given clues to find throughout the terminal. When we reached the terminal, the members worked actively as a team to figure out all the scavenger clues. The leaders assisted the members throughout the scavenger hunt. But each member had a turn to be autonomous and lead the group to the next answer. While hunting for answers, the members and leaders stopped by the dining course to grab a bite to eat. The leaders assisted the members in staying within budget while ordering their food. While the members were enjoying their meals, they engaged friendly discussions about their schools, hobbies, and favorite foods. After lunch, the members finished up their scavenger hunt. Throughout Grand Central Terminal, the members learned about what trains stop at the terminal, different secret rooms, historic architecture, exploring the market and stores, asking people and workers for directions, and the terminal’s history. Overall, the members had an amazing time learning and exploring the biggest train station in New York City.

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