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Bowling with our Buddies

This Sunday’s adventure was to the Bowlmor Bowling Alley. The members all met up at our usual meetup spot. While waiting for other members to arrive, some members engaged in a friendly conversation about who is going to be the winner of bowling. After all the members arrived, the members took out their phones to look at their Google Maps and decide what route would be best to take. The members decided to take the 6-train uptown to 42nd street and grand central and then take the S shuttle train to Times Square. Once the members arrived at Times Square, they took out their phones again to figure out which direction they must walk to. After looking at the Maps and getting some assistance from the leaders, the members reached Bowlmor lanes. At Bowlmor, the leaders assisted each teen in purchasing their bowling shoes and bowling ticket. While bowling, the members participated in friendly conversations with each other, cheered each member on, took turns, and were very polite to each other. After Bowling, the members decided to go to Pax, where the leaders assisted each member on purchasing their food based on their budgets. The members had an amazing time bowling and socializing with each other.

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