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Gyu-Korean BBQ Birthday Lunch

This past Sunday, the high school group went to lunch at Gyu-Kaku and transformed into chefs for the afternoon. Before heading to Gyu-Kaku, the group met at Starbucks and discussed the best travel route to the midtown east location. Even though we could have taken the 6 train, the group discussed how they don’t take the bus much, so they decided to take a different form of transportation. They decided to walk to 3rd avenue and found that there was a bus stop on 29th street and 3rd avenue. Group members looked up which bus to take and which stop to get off at. They also discussed the differences between the local bus and express bus as well as bus etiquette, such as how to get on and off the bus.

When the group arrived at the restaurant, each group member was encouraged to take out their wallets and see how much money they had in order to budget their money. The group estimated how much their meal would cost, while keeping in mind that they had to also set aside money for the tip. After ordering, the group learned how to cook their food on the stones. All of the group members did a wonderful job cooking and all of the food was delicious. Group members enjoyed a variety of dishes, including steak, duck, ramen, dumplings and much more.

While we were eating, the group engaged in many interesting topics of conversation. At our last outing, the group members quickly discovered that they had a lot in common and discussed their love of tv, movies and film. During lunch, the group was able to continue this discussion and get to know each other better. Their common interests helped spark reciprocal conversations between all of the group members and kept everyone engaged. After lunch, the group members enjoyed a delicious dessert and even celebrated one of the group member’s birthdays by singing happy birthday to him.

After lunch, the group reviewed how to get back to Starbucks and we headed back by taking the 6 train downtown. Everyone had a wonderful time at Teenz and were so full from their delicious lunch!

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