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Gulliver's Gate Mini Museum

This Sunday, our members had the pleasure to explore a Giant Experience in a Small World. When the day first began, our members met up at their legendary meet up spot. While waiting for all the members to arrive, the members interacted in friendly conversations with each other. Once all the members arrived, it was time to figure how we would get to our destination which was Gulliver’s Gate. With the help from Google Maps and the leaders, the members decided together to take the 6 train uptown to 42nd Street (Grand Central) and then take the S Shuttle train to 42nd Street Times Square. When we got to Times Square, the members took out their Google Maps one more time to figure out which direction they had to walk in. Once they reached Gulliver’s Gate, the leaders assisted each member in purchasing their ticket. Each member was given a special key that would unlock cool interactive scenes to life. While exploring the miniature museum, the members saw different countries, different parts of NYC, an interactive airport, and different landmarks. While sightseeing, the members had friendly conversations with each other about their favorite miniature scenes. Once the members were finished at the museum, the members made a unanimous decision to go to Subway for lunch. At Subway, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their food that was within the member’s budget. While eating, the members had a great time having friendly conversations, playing riddle games, guessing games, and learning new things about their peers. When the members were done eating, it was time to go back to our legendary meet up spot. Overall, the members had an amazing time being giants in a small world.

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