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Virtual Reality World

This week, our members had the pleasure of visiting the largest mixed reality entertainment destination called VR World NYC. Our members began their day by meeting up at our meetup spot, where they engaged in friendly conversation about what kind of virtual games they would possibly play. This week our members also introduced themselves to a new member joining. With the help from the leaders and Google Maps, the members decided that since the destination was local, they would walk. They decided to walk uptown to East 34th street and walk west towards 5th Avenue. When the members arrived at VR World, they patiently waited and listened to the VR World playing instructions. Some of the games the members had a chance to play were car racing, zombie chasers, fruit ninja, archery, space pirates, light saber, tower tag, and walking on plank. While playing the virtual reality games, the members engaged with each other to play games together, cheered each other on, who is going to win, and overall having fun together. When it was time to go for lunch, the members decided to go back to our meetup spot to have a quick lunch. While having lunch, the leaders facilitated a conversation where the teens explained to each other what their favorite part of VR World was. Overall, the teens had a blast playing virtual reality.

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