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Yoga/Wellness Experience

Girls' group members enjoyed a private yoga session at a dance studio in the city this past weekend. Prior to getting there, the girls' group members were encouraged to socialize and strengthen their relationships by way of small talk and discussing their week. Afterwards, directions were looked into, using tools like google maps and Waze and they chose to take the N or the R and then transfer to the E train to get there. While on the way, members were encouraged to discuss yoga together and state whether they are familiar with yoga positions and if they are interested in learning certain other yoga positions. After the wonderful yoga experience, members enjoyed eating pizza at a small pizzeria where they continued bonding with one another and engaging in fun topics of conversation. When it was time to get back to their meetup/drop off location, they assisted each other with looking up directions and deciding on the route as a team. It was a day full of wellness and fun!

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