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Exploring the Museum of Illusions

This week, our members had the opportunity to visit and explore the world of illusions. Our members began the day by first meeting up at our favorite meetup spot. While waiting for the rest of the members to arrive, some of the members engaged in friendly conversations about what illusions they might see at the museum. After all the members arrived, it was time to decide how we would get to museum. The teens took out their phones to look at Google Maps. They decided that the best route was to take the Q to Times Square and then the 1 or 2 to 14 Street. During our train ride, the trains were experiencing delays. While all of this was going on, the members displayed flexibility with the current delayed train situation. Once we arrived at the Museum, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their museum tickets. At the museum, the members explored different illusions, awesome tricks, holograms, puzzles, and educational games. After the museum, the members decided to go to Rocky’s pizza where the leaders assisted the members in ordering their food according to their budgets. While having a yummy lunch, our members engaged in friendly discussions about their favorite optical illusion pieces/rooms from the museum. Once we were done with pizza, it was time to head back to our favorite meetup spot. Overall, the members had a great time exploring the world of illusion and experiencing the impossible.


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