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Museum of Illusions

Our group met at their usual meeting place where they were encouraged to engage in small talk with one another. Before heading out, we discussed the different ways to get to the Museum of Illusions and came to an agreement on which way we would go for the day based on the train availabilities. The route they agreed upon was to take the bus and then walk to the museum. While en route, members were encouraged to get to know one another by picking one friend to speak with and ask questions about. This helped members continue to work on their reciprocal conversation skills. Once the members arrived at the Museum of Illusions, they enjoyed taking pictures in the upside-down room and they also enjoyed taking pictures of their faces in front of a mirror that combines two faces into one. After enjoying their fun-filled day, they ate pizza at a local pizzeria close by the museum. We reviewed the concept of budgeting and purchasing food based on what we had in our wallets. After enjoying their lunch together, they discussed how to get back to their meeting place where their parents would meet them, and they continued to enjoy their time interacting with one another prior to their dismissal.

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