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Reaching New Heights: Top of the Rock

Teenz In the City had the exciting opportunity to experience what the city looked like from a distance at Top of the Rock inside Rockefeller Plaza. But first, the member met at our usual spot where we gathered and discussed our commute plans after researching navigation routes via phones. As natural leaders that they are, they collectively decided to take the M1, M2, or M3 from Madison Ave. and 28th street to Madison Ave. and 49th street. As the members were patiently waiting for the bus, they periodically checked the bus schedule and realized that the bus was not running on time. Therefore, they practiced flexibility and decided to walk instead. During the commute, we shared about our weeks and what to look forward to view when we go to the "top of the rock". As we were passing the many blocks, we noticed that there were some streets that were blocked due to the marathon that was happening at the time. The members did an excellent job problem solving by asking police officers how they may continue to the destination. When we arrived at Rockefeller Plaza, our members displayed independence by keeping track of their admission tickets and making sure they had adequate finances for lunch. At the Top of the Rock, the members took turns looking through the binoculars and having friendly reciprocal conversations locating the areas where they live. In the end, the members exercised their budgeting abilities and ate lunch next door at Five Guys while sharing their experiences about the outing. On our way home, our group members walked together remembering their walking routes while some independent members parted the group at the nearest train station. Another great day with the Teenz in the City.

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