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Sunday Tea at Alice's Teacup

This week our members had the pleasure of visiting the Most Whimsical Tea House in New York City. The day began with the members arriving at our legendary meet up spot where they engaged and discussed with each other about all the yummy treats and teas they would experience and try. Once everyone arrived, it was time to use our Google Maps to figure out what would be the best route to take. The members decided that the M101 bus would be the best route to take. While waiting for the bus, the members noticed that many buses weren’t running. They collaborated and decided together that they must figure out a different route to take. The members showed flexibility during this time. They decided that the best route to take would be the 6 train to 59th street and Lexington and then walk 5 blocks North to 64th street. When the members arrived at Alice’s Tea Cup, they were excited to get seated and begin the yummy experience. While having tea and scones, the members engaged in friendly discussions about school, TV shows, music, their pets, and their hobbies. When it was time to pay the bill, the leaders assisted each member on paying. After the bill was paid, the members decided to take the 6 train back to our legendary meetup spot. The members loved their experience at Alice’s Tea Cup and would definitely revisit this delicious outing again.

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