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Board Games at Uncommon Cafe

This past weekend our group ventured to the Uncommons in historic Greenwich Village. The group met at our usual meeting spot and determined the best travel route to our destination. The spring weather was in full swing, so we decided taking the 6 train and allowing more time to walk outside would be a great plan. We used our google maps app to follow our walking directions once we got off at Bleecker Street. Our members collaborated to find the cafe and were excited to find our destination. Upon arrival, we decided to sign up for one hour of board games. Group leaders led the group in skills to compromise on choosing two games. Some members preferred one game over the other and this was a good exercise in making a choice, while respecting others' opinions. Some members liked to be teachers, while others wanted to listen and learn about a new game. Group facilitators worked to help members listen while others were speaking and to not interrupt when someone else was talking. We opted to stay for a second hour of game playing because they were having such a good time! In the end, the entire group was playing a very fun game called "5 Second Rule". After we finished our games, we sauntered through Washington Square Park to take in the sun and the city. A great time was had by all!

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