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Friday Night at Laser Tag

This Friday night’s outing was to Laser Tag. Our members first arrived at our famous meetup spot where they engaged in friendly conversations about who is going to win laser tag. Once all of our members arrived, it was time to decide the best route to take to get to Chelsea Piers. The members took out their Google Maps and decided together to take the M23 bus to Chelsea Piers. While on the bus, the members engaged in a friendly discussion about different types of music, what languages they learn at school, and video games. When the members arrived at the laser tag place, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their tickets. After purchasing the tickets, the members had to wait for 15 minutes while another group of people played. This was a great opportunity for our members to practice flexibility and patience. During that time, the leaders suggested for the members to play a few arcade games until it would be their turn. When it was time for our members to begin the game, the members collaborated together and worked as a group (red or blue team) to strategize and win the game. At the end of the two rounds, the blue team won both times. Once laser tag was done, the leaders assisted members in ordering their food. During the dinner, the members engaged in friendly conversations about the strategies they used during laser tag. After dinner it was time to go back to our famous meetup spot. Overall, the members had a fun time at laser tag.

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