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Singing Class with Singer/Songwriter Emily Cavanagh

This past weekend the group enjoyed a singing lesson at a nearby location in the city. Before getting there, teenz met up at their usual pickup and dropoff location where they greeted one another and interacted with one another for a while. Afterwards, teenz worked together to decide as a group how to get to their singing lesson. After using tools like google maps and Waze, the members decided they would walk there. While walking, members enjoyed their view of the city while continuing to interact and engage in interesting conversations about things they have in common with one another. Group facilitators assisted in aiding members in reciprocal conversation and remembering to listen carefully when others are speaking. When they arrived, they heard beautiful songs from two professional singers who also helped them write their own song lyrics. After members finished writing their own song, they further bonded and strengthened their relationships by sharing their lyrics with one another. Once the event was over, members enjoyed having lunch at Panera Bread and then they walked back to their usual meet up drop off location.

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