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Singing Our Hearts Out at Karaoke

This Friday evening, our members had the pleasure of visiting the famous Chorus Karaoke. Before starting our night, our members gathered at our legendary meetup spot. After all the members arrived, it was time to figure out how we would get to our Karaoke destination. After our members searched up the directions on their Google Maps, they noticed that their destination was local. After viewing all their possible routes, the members decided to walk to Chorus Karaoke. While walking to our destination the members took initiative and led the way to the Karaoke place. We walked northwest to 32nd street and 5th avenue. Upon arriving to Karaoke, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their tickets and paying for their pizza. At Karaoke, the members and the leaders engaged and participated in singing and dancing songs. The members had an amazing time encouraging, participating, and having fun. When Karaoke was finished, the members came to a unanimous decision that they wanted dessert. The members engaged in a friendly discussion about where they should go for dessert. They decided that they would like to go to Baskin Robbins. After looking on Google Maps, they noticed that their choice was also local. They walked down to 5th avenue and 31st street. At Baskin Robbins, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their desserts. While eating their desserts, the members engaged in a friendly game of Heads Up. After they finished their meal, it was time to head back to their legendary meetup spot. Overall, the members had an amazing night.

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