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Gyu-Kaku Korean BBQ

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to visit an Award-Winning Restaurant called Gyu-Kaku. Our members began their day by first meeting up at our famous meetup spot. Once all the members arrived, the members participated in a friendly game of building support. Each member had a chance to pick a card and ask the other members the question on the card. Throughout the exercise the members got to learn new and interesting facts about each other. After the exercise, it was time to figure how we would get to our yummy destination. The members took out their Google Maps and saw that there were two possible routes to take. One was by bus and the other was by train. After considering the choices, the members unanimously decided to take the train. The members took the 6-train uptown to 51st and Lexington. Once the members arrived at Gyu Kaku, the leaders assisted the members in ordering their food according to their budgets. After ordering the food, the members engaged in friendly conversations about their schools, their extra-curricular activities, games they like to play, colleges, and their hobbies. When the food arrived, it was time to cook it! Some of our members have never cooked before. This gave each member an opportunity to be independent and challenged them to learn and acquire a new skill, which was cooking. The members all enjoyed being Chefs and learning about cooking and making sure their food was fully cooked. After the meal, the members enjoyed some S’mores for dessert. When the members were done with their dessert, the bill arrived. Each member was assisted by a leader to figure out how much money they had to pay for their meal. After paying the bill, it was time to head back to the famous meeting spot. Overall, the members enjoyed the yummy meal and the cooking experience.

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