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Little Italy Adventures

This past Sunday our members had a wonderful time enjoying Little Italy and the beautiful spring weather. We met at our usual meeting spot and determined that the downtown 6 train to Spring Street would be the most efficient route to arrive at our destination. We welcomed a new member to group this weekend and the group leader ensured the new members introduced themselves appropriately before we departed. We found ourselves at La Mela in the heart of Little Italy on Mulberry Street and were lucky enough to sit outside while we dined. During our lunch, another member arrived who decided to meet us at the restaurant. While considering our budgets, we opted for the lunch special, which was a great deal. Members were excited to play Uno and 5 Second Rule. The games brought out members' sense of humor and competitive spirits. We researched the rules of Uno and shared some laughs. While eating lunch, the group leader led the group in conversation starters. Each member shared their grade, high school and talked a bit about interests. We even had some heartfelt debates about current events. Reminders to respect others' opinions were helpful by the group leader. After lunch, we figured out an appropriate tip for our bill and decided to walk off our food by heading to an Italian pastry shop. We popped in a few fun stores and talked about the history of Little Italy. It was a wonderful day and our group looks forward to more outdoor events coming up this spring!

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