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Magic Show Experience

Last Sunday, our members had the pleasure of watching and participating in a Magic Show. The day began with all of our members meeting up at our usual meetup spot. Once everyone arrived it was time to decide how we would get to our destination. After browsing our Google Maps, our members saw that walking to our destination would be the quickest route. While walking uptown to West 39 street, our members led the way and engaged in friendly conversations about their favorite music, video games, and hobbies. Once our members reached the destination, it was time to get ready to watch the famous magician named David. While watching the magic show, each member had the opportunity to participate in a magic trick. The members enjoyed their few minutes in the spotlight. They participated in card games, illusion tricks, mind reading, and many more. After the show, the members enjoyed some pizza for lunch. After lunch, it was time to head back to our usual meetup spot. All the members had an amazing time learning and being involved in the magic show.

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