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It's a Bird, It's a Plane...The Intrepid Museum!

This Sunday, our members had the chance to visit The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Our day began with all of our members meeting up at our usual meetup spot. When all the members arrived, it was time to figure out how we would get to our destination. Our members used their Google Maps to figure out the best possible route. Our members discussed and decided to take the N train uptown to 42st Times Square and then take the M50 Bus. Once we got to the Intrepid Museum, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their tickets. After purchasing the tickets, it was time to explore the Intrepid Museum. At the museum, the members had the chance to learn about historical events (WWII, Cold War, Space Race, and Vietnam War), observe different aircrafts, submarines, space shuttles, and different artifacts. The members were also able to see different gallery decks. These gallery decks included Squadron Ready Room, Combat Info Center, Mess Deck, Berthing Area, etc. Throughout the museum the members actively engaged in friendly discussions about their favorite parts of each exhibit. After the finishing the exhibits, it was time to return back to our usual meetup spot. Overall, the members had a great time exploring a part of history known as the Intrepid Museum.

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