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Scavenger Hunt in Union Square

This Friday evening, our members had the opportunity to partake in a scavenger hunt in Union Square. Before beginning our adventure, our members met up at our famous meetup spot. Once all the member arrived, they were all given the scavenger hunt clues. The members worked together as a team to figure out the answer to the first clue. The answer would lead them to the area they would be exploring for the evening. Once they figured it out, it was time to look on their Google Maps and see the best route to take. The members decided to take the 6-train downtown to 14 Union Square. When the members arrived at their destination it was time to figure out all the other clues. The scavenger hunt led the members to different stores and different parts of Union Square. Throughout the scavenger hunt, the members collaborated with one another. Each of the members had the chance to be the leader and figure out the next clue. The scavenger hunt gave the members an opportunity notice different things about the area such as store fronts, parks, restaurants, job opportunities, etc. Once the members were all done with the scavenger hunt, it was time to grab something to eat. The scavenger hunt led the members to the Famous Chocolate Restaurant, also known as Max Brenner’s. At the restaurant, the leaders assisted the members in deciding their meals based on their budgets. The leaders also assisted the members when it was time to pay the bill. The members all used the Tip Calculator app to figure out the appropriate tip. After our delicious meal, it was time to head back to our famous meetup spot. Overall, the members had a fantastic evening exploring Union Square and eating a yummy meal at Max Brenner’s.

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