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A Gorgeous Day at Smorgasburg & Water Taxi

This Sunday, our members had the pleasure of visiting the largest weekly open food market in America, also known as Smorgasburg. The day began with all of our members meeting up at our famous meetup spot. After everyone arrived it was time to decide together what would be the best route for the members to take. After looking on Google Maps, the members decided to take the 6-train downtown to 14-Union Square and then take the L train to Bedford Avenue. Once all the members arrived in Brooklyn, our members took out their Google Maps and led the way to Smorgasburg. At Smorgasburg, the members had many food vendor options. The leaders and members walked around the place a couple of times to decide what looked the tastiest. After each member decided on the food they wished to eat, the leaders assisted each member in making sure they were within their budgets. When the members were finished with their yummy meals, it was time to take a water taxi back to the city. The leaders assisted each member in purchasing the Water Taxi Ticket. While enjoying the ride back to the city, the members participated in friendly discussions about what their favorite part of Smorgasburg was. When the members arrived in the City, the members had to walk north to get back to the famous meetup spot. Overall, the members really enjoyed the sunny weather, yummy food, and the water ride back to the city.

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