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Highline & Chelsea Market Fun

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity of visiting Chelsea Market. All of our members met up at our legendary meetup spot. Once everyone arrived, they all took out their Google Maps and worked together to figure out the best route. After each member voiced their opinion, the members decided to take the 6-train downtown to Union Square and take the M14D bus. When the members arrived at Union Square, they decided that because the weather was so nice it would great to walk to Chelsea Market. Once the members arrived at Chelsea Market, they split up in groups. The leaders assisted the members in deciding what food options and budgeting their meals. Throughout the day, the members were very patient with each other assisted each other when it was time to pick a place to eat from. The members had a great time enjoying each other’s company, enjoying the scenery at Chelsea market, exploring Chelsea neighborhood, and enjoying the yummy food. Overall, the members enjoyed their Sunday adventure.

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