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Central Park Zoo

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to visit the one of the oldest zoos in the country, which was opened up in 1861. The day began with all of our members meeting us at our meeting spot. After everyone arrived, our members looked at their Google Maps and decided as a group to take the N train to 5th Avenue-59th street. During our ride to the zoo, the members engaged in friendly conversations about their favorite animals and why they like them. When the members arrived on 5th avenue, they unanimously decided as a group to walk through central park. While walking and using their Google Maps to navigate, the members really appreciated and enjoyed the scenic route. When we arrived at the Central Park Zoo, the leaders assisted the members in purchasing their tickets. While at the zoo, the members fed goats and llamas. They also had the chance to see grizzly bears, penguins, sea lions, and snow leopards. When the members were done viewing the animals, they stopped and enjoyed their packed lunches. After they finished their lunches it was time to go back to the meeting spot. Overall, the members had a great time seeing all the different animals at the Central Park Zoo.

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