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Sailing into Summer: North River Lobster Boat Ride

Last Friday, our members had the opportunity of riding New York City’s first and only floating lobster shack. The evening began with all of our members arriving at our meetup spot. Once everyone arrived the members looked at their Google Maps and decided together on the best route they should take. The members decided to take the number 6 train to 42nd street and then take the M42 bus to Pier 81. During the trip to Pier 81, the members had opportunities to show their flexibility and patience because the buses were crowded. Our members had to be patient and wait for another bus to arrive. When we arrived at Pier 81, the leaders assisted each member in purchasing their ticket. After purchasing the tickets, we immediately proceeded to the boat. On the boat, the members engaged in friendly conversations with other about school, movies, and the hobbies. They also played tic-tac-toe games with each other. During this time, our members had the opportunity to be autonomous by deciding and ordering the food they wished to eat during the boat ride. During the ride, the members really enjoyed the scenery and delicious food. When the ride was over, the leaders assisted each member with their bill. Once the members were ready to head back to the meetup spot, they decided to walk to 42nd street and take the 6 train back. The members really enjoyed the outing!

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