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Grimaldi's Pizza & Brooklyn Bridge Walk

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to visit the Original Historic Grimaldi’s restaurant in Brooklyn. The day began with our members meeting up at the meetup spot. Once everyone arrived, it was time for them to decide the best route to take. After exploring their options on their Google Maps, the members decided unanimously to take the 4-train downtown to Fulton Street and then take the A train to High Street Brooklyn Bridge Station. During the train ride, the members engaged in friendly conversations about potential train delays, school coming to an end, and summer vacation/trips. When the members arrived in Brooklyn, they had to wait patiently on line until the restaurant was ready to seat them. Once seated, the members decided unanimously to share two pies of pizza and split the cost. With the help from the leaders, the members figured it would be more within budget to share the pies, rather than by their own separate pizzas. While waiting for the pizza, the members engaged in ice breaker games, as well as asking each other random questions about their favorite movies, super powers, and favorite food. After the pizza arrived and members enjoyed their pizza, the leaders collected the money for the bill. Once the members were done, it was time to leave. The day continued with the members walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. The members enjoyed the beautiful view and the beautiful history about the bridge. While walking, the members took pictures of the scenery. After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan, the members took the 6-train back to the meetup spot. The members loved Sunday’s outing and definitely would do it again!

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