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Annual San Gennaro Festival Outing

The members met at their official meet up location to discuss the event where they were going for the day, the San Gennaro Festival. After sharing with one another the kinds of foods they were looking forward to trying, the kinds of games they were looking forward to playing, and they utilized helpful apps like google maps and Moovit to obtain directions by way of public transportation. After examining the different routes, they determined that the fastest route was to walk to take the downtown six train to canal street. Once they arrived to canal street, they practiced following google map and Moovit directives by looking for the Centre street cross street and then collectively deciding that they would walk towards that direction to get to the San Gennaro Festival. While at the festival, they celebrated making it there, by eating Mozzarepas, mozzarella sticks, French Fries and more. They also shopped for souvenirs such as key chains, stuffed animals and t-shirts while getting to know each other better by asking each other questions. Members practiced their reciprocal conversation skills throughout the session. When it was time to go the members showed their flexibility by taking the downtown six train to fourteenth street in order to transfer back to the uptown six train.


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