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The Void VR Experience

The members met at their meet up location where they discussed their expectations of what The Void at the Oculus would be like. Because Teenz were not sure of what the event entailed, they agreed to utilize search engines like google in order to research it more. They then determined that The Void at the Oculus was by the World Trade Center stop off the 4 train. The members then assessed the different travel routes recommended to them by google maps and moovit and proceeded to identify the route with the shortest amount of time to get there. While on the way there, members were encouraged to get to know each other by continuing to engage in small talk conversations with one another. Group facilitators assisted the members with appropriate conversation topics and recommended reciprocal conversation skills to use. Upon arrival, the members enjoyed a fun Star Wars themed, virtual reality like laser tag game! After the game, the members had lunch together at the food court at Brookfield Place, while talking about their favorite parts of the game.Members played the game heads up to get to know one another better as well.

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