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Bowling with Friends

This past Sunday, our members partook in an exciting game of Bowling at Bowlmor in Times Square! We met at our usual spot on the east side and had members look up the directions to Times Square using their smart phones. We decided on the shuttle and when we got out at 42nd street, members directed us in walking North West towards Bowlmor.

Once there, members engaged in friendly conversation about their weeks. They were encouraging towards one another and cheered each other on when it was their turn to bowl. Although some members preferred an arcade game over bowling, everyone was patient and supportive and gave everyone a chance to pursue their individual interests. For instance, when bowling was done we met up with those in the arcade and watched them finish their games, supporting them along the way.

After all the games, the group worked up an appetite and looked up the directions to Shake Shack – which was once again west. Over food, the group got to know each other more by learning to ask questions and sharing details about themselves. This fostered further growth and trust in the relationships between the group members.

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