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Dave & Buster's Sunday Funday

This Sunday, our members went to their favorite arcade spot in Times Square, known as Dave and Buster's. Our members met our usual meeting spot where the members discussed how excited they were to go play some arcade games. Once everyone had arrived it was time to figure out how they would get to their destination. All the members looked at their Google Maps and assessed all possible routes. The members discussed the routes with one another, and the unanimous decision was to take the 6 train to 42nd St Grand Central and then take the S shuttle train to 42nd St Times Square. On the way there, members were encouraged to get to know each other. They discussed their hobbies, interests, favorite subjects, favorite movies, and favorite games. Once arriving to Dave and Busters, the members were encouraged to purchase their token cards independently. Group facilitators assisted members with budgeting their money. At Dave and Busters, members had a chance to play arcade games with each other. After Dave and Buster’s, the members decided to find local place to eat. While exploring the neighborhood, the members noticed a Five Guys near Dave and Busters. The members decided to go there to eat. During lunch, the members engaged in friendly conversations and practiced reciprocal conversations with the guidance of group facilitators. After our yummy meal, it was time to head back to our usual meeting spot. The members had an amazing time playing games and sharing common interests with each other.

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