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Union Square Scavenger Hunt

Members partook in a special Teenz in the City Scavenger Hunt throughout the Union Square area this past Sunday. The boys were given clues about each location and a particular task that we had to do while at that location. We went to 5 locations in total.

The first was the Kellogs Café. This location involved the most in-depth traveling so the members had to use their smartphones to look up which subway route was the best way to get there. Once there, the members engaged in friendly conversation. They discussed how cool the café was and the interesting food on the menu. From there we were given hints to our next location which was right around the block!

The second location was a pet store where members identified the strangest pet (a Sea Urchin) and the cost of acquiring such a pet ($29 for the urchin itself and much more for all the stuff required to host a pet like that). From there the team clue was to identify a clothing store that also had a household appliance in the retail store. That store ended up being American Eagle (again only a few blocks away) which had a washer/dryer in the store.

The fourth location was the famous bookstore The Strand. Members actively chatted as we went from location to location and worked together in completing the task at hand. At Strand, members looked around at the books and laughed at the clever tote bags, mugs and office supplies.

Our final location was the Union Square water fountain. On our way to the fountain we stopped for ice cream. We sat by the water fountain, eating ice-cream and playing a game called “Heads up.” Each member took turns giving one-person clues about a specific word/event or person and they had to guess the word in a certain amount of time. This fostered group cohesiveness, and everyone was engaged on winning and supporting each other (much like the activity of the day). The day was interactive, dynamic and adventurous. It was a perfect way to take full advantage of the beautiful Fall weather and of the wide range of activities that New York City has to offer.

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