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Broadway Comedy Club Workshop & Show

This Sunday, our members had the opportunity to go to the Broadway Comedy Club. We met at our usual meet up spot where all the members were happy to see each other and engaged in friendly discussions about how excited they are to go to a comedy club. It was a first-time experience for some of our members. After sharing their enthusiasm, it was time to figure out the best possible route. Looking at their Google Maps the members decided to take the 6-train uptown to 42nd street Grand Central. After the 6 train, the members transferred to the uptown 7 train and got off 42th Street, Times Sq. Lastly, the members had to take the C train to 50th street and walk 3 blocks north. When the members arrived at the comedy club, they were greeted by the comedian and were seated. Before the comedy show, the members partook in an improv class where the teenz were able to work together and express themselves. During the improv class, the members established a teamwork connection with each other during the Zip, Zap, Zop game, performing on stage, making different sound effects for the improv performers, participating in different scenarios/scenes, making silly faces, transforming into different people/objects, and giving ideas for the performers to execute in certain scenes. The group leaders assisted and encouraged members get out of their comfort zones and participate in the fun activities. Leaders also encouraged members work together as a team! After the improv class, the members ate some yummy pizza and watched the comedy show. The members also enjoyed being part of the comedy show. On our ride back to our meet up spot, the members were ecstatic and discussed their favorite parts from the comic show. The members were very happy and would definitely want to visit this event again!

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