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Jekyll & Hyde: A Halloween Tradition

This Sunday, our members had the pleasure of visiting the World Famous Haunted Unique restaurant filled with live entertainment and spooky special effects. This place is also known as the Jekyll and Hyde Club. Our members began their journey by first meeting up at our meetup spot. Once all of our members arrived, it was time for them to use their Google Maps to assess what routes to take. The members decided to take the 6-train downtown to Bleecker Street and then transfer to an uptown F train to West 4th. Once we were on street level, the members used their Google Maps to guide the group to the restaurant. At the restaurant, each facilitator assisted each member on budgeting their meals accordingly. At the restaurant, the members and facilitators engaged in friendly conversations with each other, restaurant staff, and the bizarre spooky live characters. The members engaged in conversations about school, different funny jokes, their favorite spooky entertainment in the restaurant, favorite stories/tales, and their favorite hobbies. When it was time to pay for the meal, each facilitator helped each member along with the Tip Calculator App on how much to pay for each of their meals. Once the bill was paid, it was time to head back to the meetup spot. The members had an amazing time dining at such a unique and spooky restaurant.

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