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Teenz and Flexibility: Museum of Math

This past Sunday, we originally had plans to go to Spin and play ping pong. We met up at our usual meet up location at 10:30am that day, discussed with one another how to get there and agreed that Spin was walking distance. As such, we decided to walk towards East 23rd Street to get there. When we got there at 11am, we realized that Spin did not open until 12pm that day. As a result, teenz exercised their ability to be flexible, and with some encouragement from Team Leaders, they enjoyed brunch at Starbucks, engaged in an impromptu scavenger hunt at Walgreens, and then enjoyed a game of heads up for the rest of the hour. At 12pm, we returned back to Spin in hopes of reserving a table. However, we were told that there were no tables available due to a tournament occurring. After learning this, teenz once again exercised their flexibility skills by patiently assessing other options in terms of available venues for the day. After collectively deciding they would go to the Museum of Mathematics, teenz once again looked up directions and once again decided to walk. This time teenz walked to East 26th street. Upon arrival, teenz utilized their budgeting skills by individually paying for their tickets with the assistance of team leaders. Once all tickets were paid for, teenz enjoyed the rest of their day socializing with one another, while exploring fun games inspired by math.


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