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A Blast at Benihana

The teens went for a special outing this week at Benihana, a restaurant famous for their dinner and a show concept. Traveling to and from Benihana was more difficult than usual as the president was in town so there were a lot of street closures. This required members to adjust quickly, work together and really utilize their flexibility skills.

Many of the members had not been to Benihana before so the excitement around the new experience amplified relationships as they now had another shared experience in common. Over lunch, the group were asked a lot of would you rather questions to elicit conversation and spark debate. The lunch menu was not available, so members had to really budget based on what they wanted. This resulted in mature decisions around the consequences of their actions and choices. They were able to apply self-discipline around examining short term gain over long term gain.

Overall the experience was not only entertaining, satisfying and delicious but also a great learning lesson where many important life skills were able to be practiced and applied.

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